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UnOrdinary is a fairly weak at a surface level, even for a verse with Urban Fantasy as its genre. The verse best feats end up in tier 9 in range, with god tiers at best being Small Building Level.

This webtoon is also fairly young as such, it will likely get more feats in the future that boost this even further. The speed is not anything great either, but the cast is generally speaking at least Peak Human, many upper mid tiers and higher being Subsonic due to being faster then the eye. What the verse lacks in power and speed, it more then makes up for with Versatility and Hax.

In-verse, due to the structure of society, abilities tend to 'ranked' and sourced into tiers. As such, this caste system is fairly dynamic. Uru-chan said it best. Uru-chan is very detailed and rarely deviates from this pattern. As such, those in high tier often can fight tens of mid tiers and still be fighting fit. For this wiki's purposes, we will use this tiering system, but change the naming system slightly for our format.

Also, with this in mind, we should rationally be able to scale those in the same tier with the same level of feats unless otherwise stated. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Jotaro V. Seraphina I'm positive that no one has made t h I s yet 2 messages. Edgy The Veggie. Okay okay, didn't realize my other one was already in the discusion page- but that's fine! Gabriel Isn't this a stomp? Jotaro resists time stop, she can't see star platinum and from what i saw she is about 17 times weaker than him Categories :.

The world is not perfect. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realizationShe was once the strongest student in Wellston and held the prestigious titles of Queen of Wellstonand later Ace of Wellstonuntil she lost her ability. Seraphina is a third-year student at Wellston Private High School. Prior to John 's arrival, Seraphina lacked the yellow streaks in her magenta hair and overall had a respectable appearance.

She would wear her long, hip-length hair in a ponytail, and had her attire in order, wearing her jacket properly, doing her tie accordingly, and had her shirt buttoned all the way to the top button. Her uniform had no to few wrinkles in the past. At some point after meeting John, Seraphina cut her hair short and started using hair extensions regularly. Her outfit is notably more disheveled than before, most of her clothing full of wrinkles as she does not care about how she is perceived anymore.

Her thought bubbles are the same magenta color as her hair, and her eyes glow sky-blue when using her ability. Though the model student of Wellston Private High School and one of the few god-tiers, Seraphina's personality is not like that of her peers; she has a rather relaxed personality and doesn't really care for much; she often finds herself bored due to how good she is at everything.

Due to her reputation as the "perfect student," Seraphina is often the center of attention in Wellston, but unlike most high-tiers, she does not care for her punctuality nor her reputation and has even gone as far as making friends with a supposed cripple.

Though she rarely lets the opinions of others get under her skin, Seraphina is not above asserting her power with people who get into her business. Around her best friend, JohnSeraphina tends to be playfully sarcastic, and often pokes fun at his supposed powerlessness and optimism. However, Seraphina looks up to John for said optimism and has adopted many of his ideologies as her own. In the past, Seraphina always strove to be perfect in the eyes of others and did not tolerate anyone getting in her way, but she did harbor doubts on the purpose of being perfect.

After meeting John, she realized that it doesn't matter what others think of her and stopped trying to be perfect. After losing her ability, Seraphina initially kept her usual calm, nonchalant visage. However, she was privately worried about how long she would remain powerless.

After her ability-loss was exposed and the entire school turned on her, she finally broke down and admitted that she is scared of her ability being permanently gone, revealing that she ties her worth as a human being to her ability.

Despite overwhelming odds though, she has taken steps to improve herself and learn how to live like a cripple. As time passes, she also becomes more aware of the inequality and injustices lower tiers face on a daily basis.

Seraphina, at first, considered William Doe 's Unordinary to paint an absurd vision of the world. However, when she later answered that she didn't agree with the book's message, she was surprised to hear this claim was a lie. Indeed, Seraphina found herself trying to intervene during incidents of bullying throughout the school. Unfortunately, her newfound altruism is offset by the sobering realization that she could not do much to act on it following her ability loss.Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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webtoon unordinary

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webtoon unordinary

Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — UnOrdinary, Season 1 by uru-chan. UnOrdinary, Season 1 by uru-chan. Contains chapters The world is not perfect. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life.

But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization Get A Copy. Published March 23rd by Tapastic first published More Details Edition Language. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about UnOrdinary, Season 1please sign up.

So this is really english Manghwa? No Raw at korean? Abbie Yes. All of the author's, Uru-chan, social media are in English as well. See all 4 questions about UnOrdinary, Season 1…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of UnOrdinary, Season 1. View 2 comments. Dec 13, Vaneeza rated it really liked it Shelves: favoritesfic-crushes2kreadmanga-graphic-novel-sequential-art.The Standard Gauging System ranks abilities on a scale of 1.

It is possible to know how powerful one is by using an ability gauge. P stands for an potential and represents the base power of an ability.

An ability's potential is hereditary and therefore cannot be altered.

Unordinary Webtoon Remi

M stands for mastery and represents how well a user knows, controls, and uses their ability. Mastery can easily be altered depending on factors such as strength, range, accuracy, recharge rate, the ingenuity of user, and so on.

Due to this factor, a naturally weaker ability may score higher than a naturally stronger ability depending on their mastery level. Every ability is categorized into one of the four tiers and one sub-tier : lowmideliteand high god being a subcategory of high-tier. Alternatively, it is also possible to externally nullify abilities, which can bring even the mighty god-tiers down to a low-tier level.

Individuals with an ability level between 1. Because of their weakness and defenselessness, low-tiers are considered the lowest social class and are treated as such. Powerless individuals, better known by the slur cripplehave a level of 1. Individuals with an ability level between 2.

Individuals with an ability level between 3. The second-highest tier, these gifted individuals are not only extremely competent in combat, but also comprise some of the most well-respected social groups and take on positions of prestige and authority. Individuals with an ability level of 5. Near-total mastery of their ability allows it to passively manifest. According to Keenewho is the head of security at Wellston Private High Schoola single high-tier is like a one-man army.

High-tiers who engage in vigilante-styled crime-fighting outside of official government or civil defense authorities are called "superheroes". These exceptional and revered individuals belong to a subcategory of high-tiers with an ability level between 6.U nOrdinary is a featured fantasy webtoon created by uru-chan. The webtoon is about John, a cripple with no abilities, who lives in a society of people born with supernatural powers.

Nobody paid much attention to John — just a normal teenager at a high school where the social elite happen to possess unthinkable powers and abilities. John Doe Transferred after being homeschooled for a year. He hides his true identity as he used to be a tyrannous and abusive king at his old school before he was expelled and put into a correct facility. However, he pretends to be a cripple at his new one and nobody knows he has as powers, causing him to be bullied. His best friend is Seraphina, a high tier who helps to keep him happy.

In the last few chapters John starts wearing a mask and going under the alias 'The Joker.

List of Characters

Seraphina The school's "ace". She has the ability of Time Manipulation with a level of 8. Her ability allows her to pause time and rewind time to some extent making it a very powerful ability. However, in episode 68 she is injected with a mysterious substance that leaves her powerless, it has yet to wear off making her a cripple.


Arlo Arlo is the school's king. His ability is Barrier with a level of 6. He is extremely focused on maintaining order in the school and the "hierarchy". In episode he looses a battle with 'The Joker', thus losing his title as King of Wellston.

Uruchan Answers Questions from Fans - FanExpo Boston 2019

Remi Remi is the school's current queen, taking Seraphina's place since Seraphina doesn't the title. Her ability is Lightning with a level of 5. Blyke The current jack of Wellston. His ability is Energy Beam with a level of 4.

webtoon unordinary

He is close friends and sometimes rivals with Isen.John is a teenager with black hair and burnt gold eyes. During school hours, he is typically found wearing the Wellston school uniform with his hair gelled flat against his head and a single lock hanging over his face Seraphina calls this hairdo his "helmet" ; his casual hairdo is unkempt and spiky. Based on instances in which he is seen shirtless, he appears to be fairly fit.

In the past, John left his hair unstyled and wore a light blue t-shirt, a dark blue jacket, and dark grey shorts. As the masked attacker and the Joker, John wears a black ski-mask and ditches his jacket.

His speech bubbles are white with black text, but the colors of his speech bubbles and text are inverted when he experiences extreme emotion or when he gets aggressive toward the one he is talking to. When activating his ability, his eyes glow a bright gold color. The crumbling facade of the powerless cripple and the monster that lies beneath. Image taken from Uru-chan's Twitter. John is a conflicted teen with multiple facets to his personality.

However, John does have some traits that are always present no matter which side of him happens to be in control. John's lifelong goal is to live a normal life free of strife. He does not take the denial of this dream very well, and would always attempt to try and force it to become reality. He sees the hierarchy and the people who enforce it as his greatest adversaries. How he approaches the problems posed by these obstacles depends on which of his personalities is dominant.

Another trait John always displays is a stubborn adherence to his own course of action. He rarely takes advice from anyone other than himself, even from people he trusts and respects. As a result, he often sabotages himself and worsens his own problems. When his actions blow up in his face, he'll feel a deep regret that he can never elude.

Following his expulsion and readjustment program, John came to view himself and his actions with disgust.

He has tried to disassociate himself with this Monster personality, but thanks to the world he lived in, he could never truly be rid of it. It has emerged when John was alone in the company of those who knew his secret. He would threaten or bark orders to them, and get angry whenever he didn't get the results he wanted.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. On Blyke's first time being a vigilante by himself, he comes across a girl who admits to going out too much and has met several members of Ember's drug ring.

The second time he goes out as a vigilante, he meets her again and she offers him something he cannot resist Meanwhile, John meets someone who claims to be from New Bostin High School, but she does not fear him.

Instead, she wants to move to Wellston and may threaten the identity he has come up for several years. Yuuei vs. Wellston Turf Wars! Here, in an apartment with her boyfriend where they only shout, scream, and fight.

They both know it's not healthy, but are too stubborn to accept it. It's just Arlo doesn't deserved to be attacked like this. It's all Remi's fault for making this forsaken chat. Out in the field if you're lucky, you could hear a beautiful melody.

No one really knows who's playing it. Until Blyke stumbles upon a girl playing the ukelele, nothing weird. The next day, he hears the exact same tune from the so called "mysterious musician". What if Rei was saved by John? What if everyone got along with each other?

webtoon unordinary

What if John and Sera started dating? What if they made a gang of superheros that could take down Ember? What if Sera got her ability back? What if Sera, and all the royals know about John's ability? After what went down between them, John and Sera have a lot to think about so they take their ponderings to the rooftop, but separately and at different times. Two years ago a boy's father wrote a book. It was about a man who lived in a world full of cripples.

This man used his powers only for others. He helped the weak, saved lives, and spread wealth throughout the world. However, all good things must come to an end as he ended up dying. In the end, his death brought clarity and revealed a message.


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