COVID has led to significant disruption of the ready-made garment sector with reduced consumer demand, obstructed logistics, and factory shutdowns Global value chains often have negative impacts on the environment and human rights as a result of their operations and supply chains.

The need for increased visibility of social compliance and resilience risks in supply chains is growing; and has been further exacerbated by COVID, concerns relating to Xinjiang workers and growing geopolitical tensions.

ELEVATE delivers a broad range of social and environmental supply chain assessments audits that support impact-driven…. We leverage our total suite of services, data, best practice and deep understanding of industry trends to provide…. Our recommendations are supported by rigorous statistical analysis in addition to our real-world knowledge and experience…. Companies look to us to create customized programs that leverage our industry expertise, reputation for innovation….

Request audit. Webinar - A data-driven approach to sustainability due diligence: a discussion with Migros. Read blog. October 1, September 21, Three ways that the proposed changes to the GRI Universal Standards will change sustainability disclosure… but not enough. August 31, View all blogs.

October 26, October 15, Webinar — Responsible and inclusive investments. View all webinars. Tweets by ElevateLimited. This site uses cookies to optimize your experience on this site. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of such cookies. Please click here to review our privacy policy.Paula Forbes. While the world waits for health experts and political leaders to resolve the conflict between the public health response to COVID and Sharath Beedu. In Junewe launched our Elevate Ecosystem Liam Brown.

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We are sailing into the future. To successfully navigate there, we need to know where we started, decide where we want to go, be Abbas HammoudTom Hersh Hershenson. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Elevate's Abbas Hammoud works closely with customers on eDiscovery projects, particularly in the use of Nicole Giantonio. The Elevate. Each minute weekly episode is an interview-style podcast with thought leaders from law For plans and pricing, please contact our sales team at sales passle.

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Courtney Little. Craig Conte. Deb Tesser. Denise Nurse. Daniel Katz. Elevate Services. Frazer Baron. Gunika Dahiya. Jack Diggle. Jacquie Champagne. Jake Hills. James Odell. Janvi Patel. Jerome Raguin.Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, limits the damage caused by everyday oxidative stress. It maintains healthy muscle and nerve function and supports a strong immune system in horses of all ages.

Vitamin E cannot be synthesized by the horse; therefore, it is considered an essential nutrient. The best source of vitamin E is fresh green grass; however, the potency of vitamin E declines very quickly once forages are harvested and dried.

Vitamin E requirements vary from situation to situation. Multiple research studies have shown that vitamin E is often deficient in the diets of horses that do not have access to continual grazing on fresh green grass, or those grazing on winter pasture. Performances horses with demanding workloads, growing horses and seniors can be exposed to increased levels of oxidative stress and therefore require higher levels of vitamin E in their diets. Studies reveal that horses challenged by neurological disease benefit from supportive natural vitamin E.

No, it is not necessary to provide additional fat or oil to your horse when supplementing with the natural vitamin E contained in Elevate Maintenance Powder. A typical horse will consume enough fat from their diet to support the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. An exception to the rule would be a horse that is severely malnourished or one that has a medical condition that interferes with fat absorption.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and dietary fat is necessary for its proper absorption within the small intestine. The research studies conducted on the source of natural vitamin E contained in Elevate Maintenance Powder were performed on horses consuming diets considered low in fat.

The data in these studies showed Elevate to be extremely well absorbed. For example, mixed grass pasture contains between 2. Concentrates grains and pelleted feeds are more often recognized as providing calories in the form of fat. Equine nutritionists who are experts in the field of vitamin E nutrition do not feel it is necessary to provide additional fat or oil when supplementing with the natural vitamin E contained in Elevate Maintenance Powder.

This is a very small amount of sugar. For comparison, one medium apple contains 15 grams of sugar and one cup of chopped carrots contains 6 grams of sugar.


He or she can review the results with you and then discuss if supplementation is necessary. Vitamin E supplementation is essential for horses that are not allowed to graze. Therefore, supplementation with vitamin E is most crucial during the winter when horses are fed diets almost exclusively composed of preserved forages.

Inadequate fortification of textured feeds or the feeding of straight grains oats, for example may also contribute to vitamin E deprivation. Supplementation may be indicated year-round for racehorses and show horses confined to stalls or those that are restricted from grazing for metabolic reasons. Vitamin E is an essential component to body-wide antioxidant defenses, with one of its most important duties being cell membrane maintenance. Cell membranes are composed largely of unsaturated lipids and are therefore vulnerable to assault by free radicals, compounds that can irreparably damage cell membranes.To move something to a higher place or position from a lower one; lift.

See Synonyms at lift. To increase the amount or intensity of: factors that elevate blood pressure. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level: elevate the tone of the debate. Baseball To throw a high pitch, usually a fastball, after a series of lower pitches, especially in an attempt to get a strikeout.

All rights reserved. To elevate is to raise up to a higher level, position, or state: to elevate the living standards of a group. To enhance is to add to the attractions or desirability of something: Landscaping enhances the beauty of the grounds. To exalt is to raise very high in rank, character, mood, etc.

To heighten is to increase the strength or intensity: to heighten one's powers of concentration. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. To move something to a higher position: boostheavehoistliftpick upraisereartake upupholdupliftupraiseuprear. To increase markedly in level or intensity, especially of sound: amplifyheightenraise. To raise in rank: advancejumppromoteraiseupgrade.

To raise to a high position or status: aggrandizeapotheosizedignifyennobleexaltglorifymagnifyuplift. Idiom: put on a pedestal. To cause to be eminent or recognized: distinguishennobleexalthonorsignalize. To raise the spirits of: animatebuoy upelateexhilarateflushinspireinspiritliftuplift.Elevate was founded on a legacy of data and innovation coupled with a customer-first approach.

Elevate is reinventing the non-prime lending industry by giving consumers access to responsible and transparent credit options. Our core beliefs are reflected in everything we do. Eliminating access to credit by forcing non-prime consumers to borrow from family and friends is irresponsible and ignores the real-world challenges and needs facing the New Middle Class. Our goal is to responsibly serve as many non-prime consumers as possible while maintaining sustainable margins and without compromising our commitment to lowering rates for our customers.

We believe non-prime credit needs to be priced to risk with no hidden or punitive fees. Serving non-prime customers means accepting a higher likelihood of default. However, instituting overly restrictive credit criteria or adding punitive fees and aggressive collections practices that create even more hardships for consumers is not the answer.

At Elevate, we utilize risk-based pricing to achieve target margins with simple and transparent pricing.

Our goal is to balance the need to provide access to responsible credit with the need for sustainable profits. We believe improvements in technology, analytics and scale should benefit consumers through lower prices. We are continually investing in advanced analytics that allow us to improve our underwriting capabilities.

We are committed to using these improvements to benefit our borrowers in the form of lower rates. This is part of our commitment as a responsible lender, but also an important discipline that supports long-term growth and competitive differentiation. The New Middle Class deserves responsible online and mobile credit products that meet their needs today and also provide them with a path to improve their financial future.

In addition, they have rates that can go down over time, are reported to credit bureaus, offer free credit score monitoring and provide financial wellness tools—all to help our customers build their brighter tomorrow. We believe this approach is the right thing to do and will result in a more successful long-term relationship with our customers. Ongoing changes in the regulatory environment will not eliminate the need for non-prime credit, but rather will evolve the way it is provided.

Moreover, consumers continue to demand more convenience and speed of delivery for credit. Innovation is in our DNA, and we believe that nimble, technology-enabled lenders like Elevate will be able to adapt, thrive and continue to grow in a dynamic regulatory environment and serve expanding consumers expectations for credit.

Our seasoned management team has, on average, over 15 years of technology and financial services experience. We work to equip students and community members with the financial knowledge and skills that will help them make informed financial decisions for a lifetime.

We provide resources and support in the community to ensure everyone has a foundation of health and wellness to thrive.A must-see two day virtual event where partners, customers, industry professionals, and subject matter experts from around the globe can learn together. Customers, partners and prospects are invited to participate and enjoy product demos, breakout sessions and virtual networking.

Attendees will learn from an incredible lineup of industry experts about the latest in technology trends and how NetDocuments continues to deliver leading solutions to help organizations achieve greater levels of security, compliance and productivity. Elevate would not be possible without our amazing sponsors. Check out their booths and chat up their representatives.

You won't regret it. Award-winners and fan favorites will capture your attention, invigorate your mind, and fuel your passion for NetDocuments. We've got some very exciting things to share with you -- but you have to attend the event to get a sneak peek. Get decked out with new swag from NetDocuments. From clothing to productivity, our swag is sure to put a smile on your face! Welcome Europe Welcome to Elevate orientation and pre-show dedicated to Europe attendees.

Guy Phillips Josh Baxter. Partners Welcome: Europe NetDocuments business update for your region. Reza Parsia Andy Payne. Welcome Americas. NetDocuments Global Keynote. Welcome to Elevate orientation and pre-show dedicated to Americas attendees in North and South America.

Michael Sanders. Programming Break visit NetDocuments Partner locations. Dan Hauck Frederic Levesque. Customer Success Story with Affinity Interesting approaches to deployment and change management.In short, SEO is a sustainable way to elevate your online presence and raise brand awareness. It needs to voice and elevate an idea of democratic citizenship strong enough to block the growth of money in politics. Some research suggests use can elevate the risk of psychosis in people already at risk.


It was one of the very few realms in India to elevate a woman to the throne. We should educate people about what business does in its core activity to elevate people out of poverty. What I have to say will be upon this point: Why Puritanism is especially fitted to elevate the despised races.


You could not elevate your mind even to comprehend my motives. The suffragists professed to "occupy higher moral ground," to uplift politics, and to elevate womanhood. For seconds, it seemed to elevate him to some remote, lofty plane where life was serene, uncomplicated.

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The original man stands above us, and wishes to wrench us from our old fixtures, and elevate us to a higher and clearer level. Get ready to roister about a perfect score on the words from October 5—11, ! Elevate, enhance, exalt, heighten mean to raise or make higher in some respect. To elevate is to raise something up to a higher level, position, or state: to elevate the living standards of a group. To enhance is to add to the attractions or desirability of something: Landscaping enhances the beauty of the grounds.

To exalt is to raise very high in rank, character, estimation, mood, etc. To heighten is to increase the strength or intensity: to heighten one's powers of concentration. Words nearby elevate Eleusinian mysteriesEleusisEleutheraEleutheriuselev. Words related to elevate upliftheightenraiseappointupgradeboostpreferintensifybuild upenhanceexciteinspirerefinepyramidupholdtiltramppoiseerectpump.

A country that escaped a recession in is officially in one now Claire Zillman, reporter September 2, Fortune. Undo Citizens United? The American Missionary -- Volume 33, No. Anti-Suffrage Essays Various. Shock Treatment Stanley Mullen. RC Church to lift up the Host at Mass for adoration. Derived forms of elevate elevatoryadjective. Write Better With Synonym Swaps! Try Now.


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